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TS-Booster: Boost your website


Surf quality and performance of a website are considered as very important by users, as well as the presentation and content.

A website, whatever its design or content, can repel visitors if response times or performance do not allow to enjoy from website content.

Top-Secured offers solutions to increase the capacity of your site, without any change in its design or its contents.

TS-Booster : To handle your growth PDF

Within minutes, you can bring down very easily your website load of up to 60% without losing any user hit.

You just have to enroll in our Performance Booster Program, and we will serve for you all your static content to your visitors.

Images, javascript files, CSS files, HTML static pages will be stored on our servers and send to your visitors on request.

These files represent from 20 to 60% of visitors hits, and if we manage them for you, it will be up to 60% less hits to your servers, 60% less traffic on your connexion links, 60% less CPU, 60% less disk accesses.

That means that within minutes you will start to save bandwith, cpu, memory,!

Because you will not have to add hardware, you will not have to pay specialists and you will serve your visitors with top servers quality.

For more details please contact us here.

Overflow Load Balancing PDF

Your site is growing, and sometimes, response times become very bad and visitors are worrying about that. More, it always happen when you have more visitors, and you really need that it works.

Our TS-Booster plan will help you handle overflows by handling new visitors if your site start to slow down, by routing new incomers to our servers, giving them a waiting message, instead of putting down all your server.

So, visitors already in will have a very good experience, and others will wait in line to enter.

It is very easy. No change to your site. Ready within minutes. From only 49 USD a month.

So contact us now to handle more visitors.

Full Load Balancing PDF

Your site have more and more visitors and you want to be sure that all of them will always get very good response times to enjoy your site.

But you don't want to bother yourself with complicated servers, nor you want to hire full time specialists to maintain your servers, while emptying your pockets.

We can combine our TS-Backup and TS-Booster plans to help you handling your growth, while you will only take care of your single server.

Through TS-Backup Boosted Secured Copy plan, we will maintain a real time replication of your site and database, and through TS-Booster Load Balancing plan, we will handle all your load with our high-end very powerfull servers.

Again: you maintain your very small site, and we boost your capacity to unreveal limits.

Contact us now to boost your business capacity.


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